how to sign someone up for spam calls
how to sign someone up for spam calls

Few things are as infuriating as receiving spam calls. No one enjoys hearing an automated voice on the other end when they answer the phone. If you’re contemplating an act of mischief or seeking revenge, this plan is tailor-made for you.

how to sign someone up for spam calls

Sign Someone Up For Spam Calls

Did you know that you can potentially subject someone to a barrage of unwanted calls from telemarketing companies, leaving them on the brink of frustration? In this article, we walk you through the steps of enrolling someone for spam calls.


Before we proceed, it’s crucial to emphasize that the information provided in this article is intended solely for educational purposes. We strongly advise against employing these methods in real-life scenarios. Any repercussions resulting from their use are entirely your responsibility, and we cannot be held liable.

how to sign someone up for spam calls

Now that we’ve addressed that, let’s dive into the process of submitting someone’s phone number to telemarketers and enrolling them for spam calls and texts.

How Do Telemarketers Get Access To Phone Numbers?

Have you ever pondered over the reasons behind receiving spam calls? It often stems from inadvertently and involuntarily disclosing our phone numbers to telemarketing companies while oversharing on the internet. This includes instances where we share our numbers on public profiles like Facebook, open-access websites, and forums.

Another avenue through which telemarketers acquire your phone number is via credit bureaus and charities that sell your contact details to them. You might unknowingly consent to the sharing of your contact information by agreeing to a website’s terms and conditions, inadvertently overlooking the fine print.

how to sign someone up for spam calls

Sometimes, the reasons could also be beyond your control, like organizations and big companies selling your contact information and personal data to third parties. However, if you intentionally want someone’s contact information to fall into the hands of telemarketers, there are a few things you can do, which will be discussed in the next section.

How To Sign Someone Up For Spam Calls?

Giving someone’s phone number to telemarketing companies requires very little effort, and there are so many ways to do it. In this section, we discuss some of the top methods you can use to sign someone up for spam calls in more detail. Read on to find out more.

how to sign someone up for spam calls

Spam Calls

1. Using Automatic Number Identification

One of the easiest ways to get someone’s phone number in the hands of telemarketers is to call 800,888 or 900 on their phone. Doing so will make sure the phone number is captured by the Automatic Number Identification system.

how to sign someone up for spam calls

Once this is accomplished, the phone number will be identified and stored and brought to the attention of a wide web of digital markers in that area, who will soon begin incessantly pestering the phone number with spam calls.

2. Sign Up For Free Trials

You will find plenty of online websites which promise free trials and prizes, the only requirement being you provide your personal information, including your phone number and email address. Some giveaways also promise a chance to win expensive products if you sign up with your phone number.

how to sign someone up for spam calls

As you may have already guessed, this is just a ploy to steal your contact information. These websites will call you to tell you that while you didn’t win anything, you have a chance to win in the future, and will keep calling you about other offers they have.

Online surveys also fall into the same category as the caveat for those is also the provision of your contact information. You can use this method to sign up for all these trials, giveaways, and surveys using the target phone number.

3. Post An Online Ad

Another way to set someone up for unwanted calls but by real people is by posting an ad online using their contact information. If you post an ad on a public platform like Craigslist, for an item or service at a ridiculously low price, people will immediately start spamming your phone with calls regarding the ad.

how to sign someone up for spam calls

You can use the target phone number to post a fake advertisement and the person’s phone will soon blow up with calls from random people regarding the item or service mentioned in the ad.

Spam Websites For Phone Numbers

You can also find various websites in which you can register a phone number to receive spam calls. Here are 5 top sites which can be used to sign someone up for spam calls.

how to sign someone up for spam calls


As the name suggests, this is one of the most used sites to prank call somebody. You can make fake calls to a phone number and also send text messages to spam their phone. In addition to having an easy user interface, this website also provides you with an alternative phone number to use while making calls to protect your anonymity.


This is one of the most harmless websites to spam somebody’s phone. Through this website, you can send a ton of random facts about any topic to someone’s phone number. All you need to know is choose the type of fact and how many of them you wish to send. Bear in mind that this is a paid site and they charge $2.19 for 20 SMS. Additionally, they only operate in the US and Canada.


True to its name, this website bombards the target’s phone number with unwanted calls and texts using multiple phone numbers. They offer a range of messages but you can also send custom messages if you wish to. Since this site uses so many phone numbers, the target would be unable to block all of them. This is also a paid site who operate only in Canada and the US, and charge  $2.19 for 20 SMS.


This site is excellent for making as many prank calls as you want to your target, but the only issue is that they do not hide your number, thus compromising your anonymity. Although, you can try using the site using an alias number to make spam calls.


This site offers a wide variety of pranks, including ‘fake craigslist phone prank’ and ‘endless cat spam’. They also let you send a ton of texts, random images and text bombs. They are a paid site who charge $2.19 for 20 SMS and only operate in the US and Canada.


If you’re considering methods to enroll someone for spam calls, there are several approaches outlined in this article. However, it’s crucial to note that sharing someone’s phone number on the internet without their consent constitutes a criminal offense. Such actions fall under the category of doxing, particularly when executed with malicious intent, and carry legal consequences.

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